42980 Индивидуалка Elsa

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Возраст: 30 Рост: 171 Вес: 40
Грудь: 3 Европейская Блондинки
Blonde Hot girl with a gorgeous figure that is all natural and as close to perfection as you can get. I know just what to say to and when to say it. I am definitely the kind of escort who will have you on your toes with each second that passes by. I know what fun is all about and my goal is to fill my life with as much fun as possible and to pass on some of these great moments to my clients so that they too, can have an endless smile perched upon their faces Let me show you is heaven on earth with an Angel your remember.

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  • 1 час 150
  • 2 часа 260
  • ночь 700
  • Возраст 30
  • Рост 171
  • Вес 40
  • Грудь 3